How to catch monster catfish

how to catch catfish

Catfish fishing is an adrenaline rush for anglers who crave action! These whiskered warriors pull with the power of a tugboat, testing your strength and rewarding you with a delicious prize. And the best part? You don’t need fancy gear or complex knots to join the fun. Learn effective techniques for catching catfish with our … Read more

Northern pike fishing guide

Monster northern pike

In the vast and icy waters of the northern hemisphere, an apex predator lurks, commanding both fear and fascination—the Northern Pike. With its sleek, elongated body and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth, this formidable fish embodies the essence of wilderness and mystery. Renowned for its voracious appetite and cunning hunting tactics, the Northern Pike holds … Read more

A patience day at Inks Lake fishing

inks lake fishing

Our recent trip to Inks Lake, known for its clear waters and picturesque scenery, started with high hopes and the promise of an exciting day of fishing. Renowned for its bass population, Inks Lake has always been a favorite spot for anglers seeking a good catch. However, as any seasoned fisherman knows, every day on … Read more

How to catch big perch in shallow fishing

perch fish

Perch fishing is not just about the catch; it’s about the experience. Those who have felt the sudden jolt of a big perch striking their lure know the addictive rush of this type of angling. For enthusiasts like me, the allure of shallow water fishing is irresistible, especially when using twitchbaits. The unexpected bites, the … Read more

Top ice fishing lure for the trophy catch

ice fishing

Winter’s icy embrace is either creeping upon us or has already enveloped our world, lead in a season of a thrilling quest. This isn’t just any quest, but one that challenges you to outwit the depths of frozen lakes and emerge victorious with trophy fish! Each year, a legion of ice fishing enthusiasts, clad in … Read more

Ice fishing bait guide

In freezing climates, particularly during winter, fish tend to be less active and more reluctant to bite. This poses a challenge for ice fishing enthusiasts. When artificial lures fail to attract fish, switching to live bait can be a game-changer. Live bait, with its natural scent, is often more enticing to fish under the ice. … Read more